Health Wait—Should You Store Nail Polish In The Fridge To...

Wait—Should You Store Nail Polish In The Fridge To Make It Last Longer?


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In one corner, you have folks who swear by the storage hack—they say the cool temperature not only helps keep the formula from thickening but also helps maintain the vibrant color for longer. As for chief educator of Paintbox, Evelyn Lim? “Growing up, I’ve always seen my mother place her polishes in the fridge to keep them fresh longer,” she tells mbg. “[But] in my experience, they can become thick and goopy overtime.” 

It seems Lim falls into the other camp—the one that believes keeping your polishes next to your produce (well, unless you have a nifty beauty fridge) effectively does the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish in the first place: It makes the polish sticky, thick, and quite difficult to sweep on. 

Generally, Lim suggests storing your polishes in a cool, dry area (“like a closet or drawer,” she says). So if you live in a pretty hot or humid environment and your polishes run the risk of melting into a sticky mess, they might actually fare well with a bit of fridge time. But you don’t want to keep the bottles chilled forever, lest you tip to the other side of the temperature scale and actually harden the lacquer. 

The verdict? To help your nail polish last longer, you want to keep your bottles away from extreme temperatures—both cold and hot. 

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