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The Different Sort Of FAT – Natalie Jill Health


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The Different Sort Of FAT

I kill F.A.T. each day BUT… it’s not the type of “FAT” you assume! FAT stands for FALSE ASSUMED TRUTHS and it’s what’s conserving us from radical leads to all areas of our life.

Natalie Jill The Other Kind Of FATIt’s these beliefs you’re holding onto simply “as a result of” somebody advised you it’s so…

Some examples?

  • “I’ve dangerous genetics”
  • “I discover issues”
  • “I might by no means afford that”
  • “I’m too previous or it’s too late”
  • “I’m not good at that”
  • “My prognosis says…”
  • “My husband advised me…”
  • “I’m horrible at gross sales”
  • “I’m not good sufficient”
  • “I’m too (insert no matter right here)”

I’m order to CHANGE and broaden into a brand new model of your self (regardless if bodily, financially, profession or relationship clever) you MUST drop the “F.A.T”. These false assumed truths are holding you again.

What’s your “FAT” and are you able to squash it?! It’s not serving you!


Natalie Jill


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