Beauty Our Top Picks For 2021 Hair Styles

Our Top Picks For 2021 Hair Styles


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Whether fresh from the catwalk, the red carpet, or the hip street style blog – the hairstyle trends and fashion in 2021 could not be more diverse. Strong red tones, bold short hairstyles, and pompously pinned hairstyles or braided hairstyles are just as much a part of the current beauty look as the classic bob or creative hairstyles with bangs.



The hairdressers of the world have once again rummaged in their creative box and present a colorful hairstyle catalog with suitable hairstyles and trends for every female taste. Especially with modern short hairstyles and impressively pinned bridal hairstyles as well as updos, a woman is right this year. Long hair gets a good portion of the volume in the form of wildly falling curls, which promise a very natural beauty look. Multicolor hairstyles, matte blond, and intense brick red are among the favorites for coloring in 2021 and will undoubtedly provide one or the other eye-catcher. Choosing the right hairstylist for your hair type is essential to getting the perfect look. 



The men of creation can also look forward to plenty of inspiration for hairstyles this year. The tousled curly head with a seemingly untamed mane is just as much a part of the most masculine hairstyle trends as the strict gel hairstyle with a side parting or the vintage quiff that does honor to the King of Rock’n’Roll.


Side-shaved sections are reminiscent of the typical Brit Pop Chic. Cuts styled casually into the forehead, on the other hand, convey a rocking touch. A well-groomed man’s beard a la Johnny Depp does the rest to complete the look.


Given the abundance of options, it’s no easy task to decide which hairstyle is right for you. Just click through our hairstyle catalog and discover your favorite styles for this year! The selection offers different hairstyle variants for every hair type!


Trends and fashion shows: The fashion world includes fashionable clothes and accessories and matching hairstyles. Only if the outfit matches the hair look, a coherent picture is created. However, contrasts can also create a distinctive harmony. The hairstyles 2021 captivate on the one hand because of their naturalness – but on the other hand also because of particularly creative influences.



A whole host of hairstyles could establish themselves in fall/winter 2021 – whether on the catwalks of this world or in very private life. The stars always make it before, but the hairstyle must necessarily fit the type not to look put on. The ultimate trend hairstyles for ladies include the fringe and the bob and light natural make-up. The men of creation can choose between parted, laid, radically shortened, or blowing mane. Kids like to take a cue from their stars, but parents should make sure that children’s hairstyles don’t look too artificial. Naturalness determines hairstyles in 2021 in terms of cuts and colors – but it’s not a must!



Hairstyles also score points in terms of hair color, of course. Nowadays, there are no limits in this respect. So many color shades are possible that the choice is not necessarily easy. Of course, the stars change their hair color more often than we mere mortals. Drew Barrymore has already opted for blonde, reddish and dark shades, and Agyness Deyn, who was recently blonde, is now sporting Snow White black. But color experiments do not always turn out positively, which is why you should first ask yourself: Which hair color suits me? And what to look out for?

Our tips:


If the hair color is changed, a type change takes place. It is essential that the new hair color matches your skin tone and underlines your personality.

If the color changes by several shades – for example, from dark brown to blond – an unintentionally artificial effect can occur.

The hair structure should not be disregarded.


The bob hairstyles are without question among the trend hairstyles 2021 for women. The bobs show themselves versatile and feminine but also easy to maintain. Since a broad scope for change is possible – whether in color, length, or structure – variety reigns supreme. This is another reason why bob hairstyles are always in the beauty trend. Should it be a classic pageboy head, an A-line bob, or perhaps a long bob that reaches to the shoulders? Whether the hair is straight or curly, solid or delicate: Bob hairstyles are suitable for every hair type. However, whether or not bangs are an option depends on the face shape. Tips: It is advisable to ask the hairdresser for advice.



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