Fitness Night Sweats, Begone: Casper Debuts New Cooling Collection

Night Sweats, Begone: Casper Debuts New Cooling Collection


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The proliferation of bed-in-a-box mattresses over the last 10 years has made getting a supremely comfortable mattress easier and cheaper than ever. The problem with most of those foam-based mattresses was they often retained heat and could make sleeping a sweaty affair. Casper, one of the leaders in the mail-delivery mattress game, just launched its new Cooling Collection to fight your sweaty sleeping woes. Featuring two Snow mattresses—the Wave Hybrid and the Nova Hybrid—a lightweight duvet, Hyperlite sheets, and a breathable mattress protector, the new line is “designed with advanced cooling features to keep you cool and comfortable from the moment you lay down until the moment you wake up.”



The star of the collection, the mattresses, are constructed with breathable Airscape foam layers and topped with a QuickCool cover that delivers a 24 percent cooler feel, along with special Heat Delete bands that can help move 34 percent more heat away from the body, rated to work for over a 12-hour sleep period. The whole mattress system is billed as giving an overall 6 percent cooler sleep than its regular Wave Hybrid mattress.

Caspar Cooliing Collection Snow
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The other nighttime necessities in the Cooling Collection, the duvet and sheet set, are both constructed to offer extra cooling benefits. The Hyperlite sheets are made out of tencel—wood pulp that’s dissolved into cellulose—which makes for a soft, airy fiber that wicks moisture better than cotton, and Caspar weaves it into a special grid-like pattern that creates “vents” to increase airflow and help channel heat away from the body at night.

Caspar Cooling Collection Sheets
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The duvet is light and comfortable, made to help you sleep cooler all year round. It comes in three different insulation choices—down, down alternative, and humidity fighting—so you can better select the right material for your unique sleeping requirements. After making the switch from a heavy all-season comforter to this Lightweight Down Duvet at the turn of the season, we can assure you it’s living up to its claims.

The final piece of the new Cooling Collection is the breathable mattress protector. It’s specially made to work with the Snow technology to enhance cooling even more by allowing increased airflow while still offering protection from daily wear and tear.

Caspar Cooling Collection Duvet
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[Nova Hybrid Snow mattress: From $1.695 ;]

[Wave Hybrid Snow mattress: From $2.095;]

[Hyperlite Sheets: From $109;]

[Lightweight Duvet: From $159;]

[Breathable Mattress Cover: From $119;]

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