Health Low Back Pain Adjusting Technique Training Course for Chiropractors

Low Back Pain Adjusting Technique Training Course for Chiropractors


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This low back pain adjusting technique training class will take you away from wondering if you did the right treatment, to using my handed-down unique coursework – not taught in chiropractic schools – using a special technique that works every time.

If you are looking for a great low back treatment technique – let me help you.

(If you happen to a patient with low back pain, and you want to see if you chiropractor uses this technique – email them the link to this article )

I already know you are a great doctor, and you are helping lots of people. 
In fact, it would be safe to say that Chiropractic is your passion.

You have spent thousands of dollars on your education, and have started or joined a practice. Learning how to run your business is also another hat you wear, and you’ve done a great job of that too.

Marketing is the next (and often final) hat that a lot of docs wear, as well, and that’s you too, or you have hired a competent person to help you.

This article is about NONE of those parts of your business. This is article is all about about helping you be the best low back pain doctor in your town/city.

If you are looking for a great diagnosis-to-treatment low back technique… read on.

You have before you a technique that is not taught in schools, and is only handed down from DC to DC.

I am the only one in my town that knows how to do this. How do I know? Because of all the patients that see me for low back pain that did not get relief with the chiropractor they were seeing, are now seeing me. And all of them have told me so.

And all the associate Drs. I have trained over the years have never seen this taught in their schools either.

I’ve taken the information handed down to me by my (chiropractor) father, and created this course.
It’s yours if you want to grab it – and you can implement it almost immediately.

Taking 15 minutes on your lunchtime to watch my video that gives you the basic info is all I ask you to commit to. After that, if you find that what I am teaching is for you – then grab it, learn it, and start helping even more people in your town. If not – then that means you ARE that doc that everyone goes to for back pain – congratulations! Keep up the good work, and thanks for at least reading this far into my article : )

Become the best low back pain doctor in YOUR neighborhood. Go ahead – add this tool in your awesome tool bag.
You’ll be glad you did – I guarantee it!
Also – if you are a doctor that hasn’t done any marketing – or don’t have time to put marketing together – that’s included as well.

So it all boils down to this:
1. You are an awesome chiropractor, with a passion to help as many people as you can
2. Your clinic runs like a well-oiled machine
3. Your marketing program is helping you generate new patients to take care of.
4. You are looking for another great  adjusting “tool/technique” to help your current patient base that suffer with low back pain.

So… what should you do?  That’s the simple part – I’ve created the “easy” button just for you.

Click on the link to watch my video that explains what this set of modules is all about!

I do have to be honest with you – I have plans to teach this at the colleges once I retire, but then I thought to myself – why not teach it now?
But traveling and teaching isn’t something I’m ready to do – I’m too busy enjoying my practice and helping patients get rid of their pain naturally through chiropractic – just like you!

That’s when the idea hit me – to create a VIRTUAL recorded course, that can be taught at any time. No weekend seminars, and no traveling – perfect for both me and…YOU! And to make it even better, I surrounded the course with other coursework – including:

– All the exams

– How to diagnose from AP/Lat x-rays

– Treatment protocol

– Treatment follow up

– How to market your new chiropractic technique once you’ve learned it.

So do yourself a favor and check out my short 14 min video – it will change your life – and the lives of hundreds of patients with low back pain that “nobody else but YOU” can figure out – and fix! There’s instructions on what to do next if you decide to become my next student. Again – this isn’t for everyone, but if you do move forward, you’ll be getting an awesome technique at a fraction of the cost (since I don’t have to travel and rent a conference room to help train you). I look forward to teaching you!

Keep doing awesome stuff,

Jerry Dreessen DC, CCSP
About me:

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