Fitness Keystone Light Wants To Strap a High-Tech Cooler to...

Keystone Light Wants To Strap a High-Tech Cooler to Your Chest


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Have you ever been wearing a backpack, possibly one filled with lukewarm beers, and thought, This would be way better if my backpack were a cooler? Plus, What if I swung it around in front like a tactical baby sling?

If so, then Keystone Light has you more than covered with its new Smooth Operator vest. If not, well, a creative beer company marketing department has an excessive, out-there solution anyway.

Designed for fishing (but, let’s be honest, probably taken to backyard fraternity parties), the Smooth Operator combines so many accessories it will make heads spin faster than Keystone Ice.

Perhaps that’s why it’s supposed to hold a six-pack of Keystone Light, along with two reusable cold packs and much more. There’s a tackle box with a reported 308 pieces, a collapsible fishing pole with reel, and a collapsible stool.

To assist you in bearing this beer-drinking “burden,” the Molson Coors marketing minds somehow tucked in a collapsible hiking pole. If that’s not enough? There’s a waist strap.

Rounding out the vest, there’s a Bluetooth speaker powered by shoulder-mounted solar panels. And a pair of high-powered flashlights should help the lucky owner justify wearing sunglasses at night.

The Smooth Operator vest finally solves timeless problems like carrying things on your back, holding things in your hands, and heaven forbid, making two trips.

And don’t let the renderings fool you. Our contact at the famed macro-brewery assured us that this is a real product, each of which costs approximately $2,500 to make. A limited edition batch of 20 Smooth Operator vests go on sale for $14.99 tomorrow (June 11) at 10 a.m. EST.

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