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Hiv home test kits.

Oct 24

Hiv home test kits.

FAMKAsupplies top-quality Medical Diagnostic Kits as well as other medical equipment for hospitals, clinics as well as mobile and home users globally. With our global distribution centers that we can access the entire world. Delivery is made simple with our courier services.


Do HIV home testing kits reliable?

It is the Home Access HIV-1 Test System is a very trustworthy home test kit. Research has proven that it can detect the virus that is the cause of AIDS more than 99percent of the time. It has been found to be extremely reliable in obtaining the positive results of your blood test, if it is used in accordance with the instructions for care that are included in each kit..

The accuracy of the test may differ dependent on the type you select, however overall they are effective in determining the possibility that someone may have contracted HIV/AIDS by sexual contact since they do not employ enzymes as medical devices, like Enzyme Immuno PConnellogram (EIP) or a confirmation Western Blot procedure etc. Instead, they look out specifically which antibodies are present against this pathogen exist.


Do you want to do a test on yourself to detect HIV at your home?

Self-tests and testing kits are used by people at home or any other location, and they are used to obtain samples from people to check if they're positive. They also make excellent diagnostic kits. All tests are endorsed by the laboratories of SAPHRA.


How long do you remain undetectable?

The term "durably undetectable" means that it's been at least six months since the last time you've had an undiagnosed viral load and you're now always in the "durably" state. This is a lot more time-consuming than simply stopping treatment after one has made a complete healing from an infection caused by HIV The majority of people have to remain on their medication for 12 to 15 months before they are certain that their virus will not return (or let themselves go).

What HIV house test kits should I purchase?

HIV (1&2) 3 Pack Rapid Test Kit (Home Test Kit) R 165.22

The advanced quality Rapid ANTI-HIV (1&2) Test is a colloidal gold enhanced, rapid immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of antibodies to human immunodeffiency virus (HIV) in human whole blood, serum or plasma from all groups (including neonates, pregnant woman, etc). It is an assay for screening and all positive results need to be confirmed by another test, such as the Western Blot.


What's Included ?


The test kit contains everything you require to take the test:

  • Alcohol preparation pad
  • Lancet
  • Pipette
  • Cassette
  • Diluent


How To Use The Kit

Follow these steps to pass the exam: 

Cleanse your finger using alcohol swabs.

  • Take the safety lance to the desired position, then turn the knob.
  • Take the knob out.
  • The safety lancet that is activated securely on your finger. The trigger should be pushed to prick the finger.
  • Inject blood into the plastic.
  • Inject one drop blood into the well labeled 'S'.
  • Two drops of the sample dilute into the well for the "D.
  • Take 15 minutes to analyze the results.

Reading The Test Results

Positive: Both the test band and purplish band are visible across the membrane. The lower the antibody level is, the less strong the band in test.

Negative Positive: Only the purplish test band is visible in the cell membrane. In the absence of any test band is that the test result is negative.

Invalid: There must always be a reddish control band within the control region , regardless of test results. In the event that the control area isn't visible it is considered not valid. Retake the test with an entirely new test card.