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Do you have text neck?

Did you know that upwards of six billion text messages are sent and delivered every single day?

That’s a significant amount of texting and an indication that this modern activity will continue to dominate the teen and adult populations as more people learn how to text. With texting a normal part of life for many, chiropractors are seeing a rise in text neck. This refers to neck pain and stress injuries caused by poor posture from texting or watching phones and other devices for long periods of time. 

A lot of people slouch and put their head down while texting, and this poor posture can put more pressure on the neck and spine. To minimize the impacts of text neck, it’s important to take a break from texting and look up from your phone. In addition to phone breaks, it’s also a good idea to hold your device at eye level so you don’t have to slouch. Try keeping texts short and sweet so you can minimize the time you’re looking down too. If your neck hurts and you suspect you may have text neck, a visit to your local chiropractor could help too.



Chiropractic adjustments are a natural solution to spinal discomfort and pain. An adjustment is completely safe as long as it is done by a professional chiropractor who has the experience and education to properly treat spinal misalignment.  Chiropractors are highly trained to perform adjustments safely to produce the best results and highest level of pain relief while keeping the risk of nerve compression or disk herniation to a minimum.


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