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Chayote Squash: A Nutrition-Rich Vegetable Perfect for Low Carb & Keto Diets

Sep 1

This green, pear-shaped squash has a long history and is very high in key nutrients like fiber, magnesium, and calcium. Its name comes from the Arabic word for eggplant which means "meat that agrees with you" because it's so versatile!

With so many fast-food and processed food options readily available, it can be hard to know where to start when making changes in your diet. But with a little creativity, you'll find that navigating the world of healthy eating is not only easy but also enjoyable! For those looking for a low carb or keto friendly vegetable, it's a perfect substitute for those tired of the all too common cauliflower. Wondering how chayote keto friendly dishes are growing in popularity? We'll explain why it's the perfect low carb superfood.

Cooking with Chayote


Chayote squash is not only a healthy and delicious thing to eat, it's also the perfect addition to any meal. It can be added in as an ingredient or eaten on its own with some salt!

It may seem like just another vegetable, but don't underestimate this versatile food item - there are so many ways you can prepare it! If left whole, chayotes make a great side dish that goes well with anything from steak to chicken breast. Additionally, they're amazingly easy-to-peel (just cut off both ends of each fruit) meaning no knife skills required when dealing with your dinner plans tonight.

With its almost undetectable taste, chayote squash is a great way to add more nutrients to your diet. It's packed with fiber, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C - all without adding any strong flavor! Try cooking this green pear-shaped gourd in chicken or fish tacos; soups like minestrone or gumbo; as part of a stir fry dish; roasted alongside other root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. The possibilities are endless!


Chayote for Keto Macros and Low Carb Diets


Another huge advantage of chayote being they are high in soluble and insoluble fiber. This is good for gut health, helping to keep things moving through your system without constipation or intestinal issues. Fiber also helps with diabetes management because it slows down the digestion of glucose from carbohydrates, which then results in a slower rise in blood sugar levels. The squash has about eight grams per serving, which can be found in one cup of diced chayote.

Chayotes are also high in magnesium and calcium! Magnesium is good for keeping your immune system strong so you stay healthy during cold and flu season as well as reducing inflammation from arthritis or joint pain. Calcium helps to build bones, regulate blood pressure levels


Keto Friendly Chayote and Peppers


Top Chayote Benefits:


1) Chayote Squash Is Low In Calories - One cup of this nutrient-packed fruit contains only 45 calories. This makes it an ideal accompaniment to dishes that are higher in fat or sugar content.


2) It's A Great Source Of Fiber - Chayote squash is loaded with soluble fiber which helps promote weight loss by slowing down digestion for those looking to lose weight.


3) Chayote is low carb! It fits nicely into many low carb, Atkins, and keto diets perfectly.

There are many healthy options out there that can help you feel full and satisfied while still giving your body the nutrients it needs. If you’re tired of eating cauliflower, try chayote! This vegetable is low in carbs and high in fiber – making it perfect for those following a keto or low carb diet. It's also rich in vitamins A & C as well as folate which helps fight against heart disease, cancer, depression and lowers blood pressure. So next time you're looking to eat something delicious but don't want all the calories - give this veggie a chance.