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Nootropics Can Also Support Your Brain Health In The Aging Process

Oct 2

When you’re putting in long hours for work, school or training, nootropics offer a powerful cognitive boost to help you stay on task. These supplements typically fall into the category of “brain foods,” containing ingredients like ginkgo biloba for memory, caffeine and L-theanine for balanced focus, bacopa monnieri for stress reduction and increased mental clarity, and choline and CDP-choline to enhance your memory and brain health. Many nootropics are available over-the-counter and require no prescription, allowing you to optimize your mental performance without the risks associated with certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Number one nootropics can also support your brain health in the aging process, with nutrients such as acetylcholine and L-tyrosine working together to prevent cognitive decline, and huperzine A and alpha lipoic acid to slow the normal ageing of your brain cells. In some cases, these nutrients can even reverse the effects of some conditions that cause brain damage, such as Alzheimer’s disease and strokes.

If you’re new to nootropics, it’s best to start with a single supplement at a time to ensure that the product is right for you. You should also always read the label, as some nootropics may interact with other medications or have contraindications in some situations. Additionally, it’s important to check the manufacturing process, as a nootropic that is not manufactured safely can pose serious health hazards.

Ultimately, the best nootropics are those that have been rigorously tested to meet high standards of quality and effectiveness. Most reputable companies will list how their products have been tested on their website, but the most trustworthy brands will use third-party testing to verify that their ingredients and dosages are safe and effective.

Thesis’ nootropic blends are based on scientific research, and the company offers a trial kit to allow users to sample multiple formulas before selecting their favorite. Its ingredients include natural compounds such as ashwagandha, bacopa monnieri and teacrine, as well as synthetic options like huperzine A and CDP-choline. In addition, Thesis makes sure that its products are made with the highest-quality ingredients by only using those that are Generally Recognized As Safe or have undergone extensive clinical trials.

While there are plenty of nootropics out there that promise to make you a superhuman, the best ones will support your overall cognitive performance and wellbeing without any adverse side effects. It’s also important to understand that nootropics will work differently for everyone, with some providing greater benefits than others.

Beginners should look for nootropics that are free of common allergens such as huperzine A and caffeine. One of our top picks, Nooceptin, is a good example, with its all-around cognitive enhancement properties and strong safety profile.

Other nootropics are designed to bolster a specific aspect of cognitive function, such as motivation or mental energy. For instance, citicoline can energize the brain without stimulants, which is a big benefit for beginners who are concerned about overstimulation and related side effects. Nooceptin’s patented ingredient process delivers 99% pure citicoline that has been shown to have beneficial effects on brainpower.