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An Affair of The Heart: Professional Marriage Therapy Retreats

Dec 4

Are you currently in Northampton and planning on Intensive Marriage Retreats? Look no further than An Affair Of The Heart. They are the region’s best couples retreat center for several reasons. Retreats are not inexpensive, but the best ones can offer you several drastic changes that will allow your relationship to grow and flourish. We wish you the best of luck in finding a place that works for you, and as always, we encourage you to reach out to An Affair Of The Heart in case you need Relationship Retreats. Contact the team today if you’re due for a couples retreat.

We solve infidelity issues

Often couples come to the retreat as a result of newly discovered infidelity, or an old affair that has not been properly healed yet. An affair is a powerful act of betrayal and can instantly thrust a relationship into serious emotional turmoil, destroying the trust and safety that couples feel toward one another. Couples Therapy NYC gives each partner the time they need to share their side of the story, go deep into the emotional impact that the affair has had on them, and take the necessary steps to rebuild broken trust and move forward with renewed vows.  

We restore emotional and sexual intimacy

Intimacy can degrade over time as poor communication and old relationship wounds are left unhealed. As partners begin to feel emotionally and sexually distant from one another, physical attraction often suffers as well, further increasing the negative cycle and their sense of disconnection. A Marriage Retreat gives couples the opportunity to heal old relationship wounds, reestablish trust and intimacy, and learn tools they can use to effectively navigate future issues before they affect the foundation of the relationship.  

We solve empty nest syndrome or living like roommates

In long-term relationships, there is a tendency for partners to take each other for granted. This often has to do with responsibilities and stressors outside of the relationship; e.g., children, work-related stress, etc. After such a long time of neglecting their emotional connection, the couple may end up feeling more like roommates than partners. This may persist for some time but often comes to a head with a major life change, like children leaving home for college, or one or both of the spouses retiring. NYC Couples Therapy provides the opportunity for couples to reestablish why they are together and to remember why they began their relationship in the first place, rekindling lost passion and developing a renewed sense of connectedness.

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