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Los Gatos Lash Experts Answered - Eyelash Extensions Different Eye Shape

Jun 5

Here are different eyelash extensions for different eye shapes - from our Los Gatos lash experts. Eye shape plays a vital role in the lash extension application and techniques. Our faces have a unique beauty. Thus, each eye shape also requires different lash extensions. 

Los Gatos Lash Experts Tip For Round Eyes

Round eyes are very open and alert, but if styled incorrectly, they can look surprised. For those who have this eye shape, look for a less curled lash and the most extended length towards the eye's middle. It creates a similar appearance to the cat-eye look.

In lashes terms, it is what we call a B curl eyelash. Ask your technician to provide shorter lengths with a looser curl to lessen the intensity. In addition, it can help shape the eye into a more almond-shaped shape.

Los Gatos Lash Experts Tip For Downturned Eyes

The outer corners that your eyes sit on are smaller than the interior corner for this eye shape. Thus, a forced cat-eye or natural shaping is the best lash style.

Los Gatos Lash Experts Tip For Upturned Eyes

An upturned eye or "cat-eyes" is the opposite of downturned eyes. In this case, the upper corner is taller than the inner corner. Upturned eyes are a good fit for the cat-eye shape since upturned eyes also tend to be more almond-like in appearance.

Los Gatos Lash Experts Tip For Almond Eye

If you see an angled shape toward the outside of the eye, you've got almond-shaped eyes. Popularly seen on celebrities such as Beyonce and Kendall Jenner, Almond-shaped eyes appear stunning from all angles. 

The middle of almond-shaped eyes is broad but narrower toward the outer edges. Thus, it requires a larger lash type. But almost all types and styles are suitable for almond-shaped eyes.

Los Gatos Lash Experts Tip For Epicanthic Folds Eye

The Epicanthic Folds Eye Shape, popularly called the Asian eyelash, is among the most complicated eye types. First, it is necessary to create an eye crease because it does not have an eye wrinkle. 

Multiple layers and volume around the edge of the eye are crucial to enhancing Epicanthic Folds Eye. Choose lash extensions that combine length and flare. It helps bring the most beautiful results for the appearance of the eyes. In addition, adding an extra volume of the eyelashes at the outer edges of the eyes makes them appear more defined.

Los Gatos Lash Experts Tip For Protruding Eye

The most recommended lash design for a protruding eye shape is to apply for feather extensions. The additional drama added to each lash creates more striking and attractive looks.

Incorporating bright colors or medium to dark-colored lashes on the eyes also adds more character to the eyes. However, since it is not an easy eye shape to work on, it requires a professional beautician to enhance the appearance of the eye shape.

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