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Natural Skin Care Trends and Routines, Waterless Foundation, Hair Products

Apr 16

Want to get a scoop on the top natural beauty trends sure to dominate 2022? Read on for Natural Beauty Trends! You should expect plenty of innovative natural and green beauty trends to overtake the beauty industry. Here we discuss the major and best trends sure to dominate the beauty sphere:

Introducing Sustainable Packaging

Generation Z is well-known to be the ‘Green Generation.’ In fact, in-depth research shows that 73% of Gen-Z is willing to pay a higher price for sustainable items. It means the world is slowly leaning towards beauty items containing zero-waste products.

Not to mention, homemade DIY communities have inspired brands to explore new and innovative ways to eliminate harmful waste via packaging boxes and shoppers. Expect bath bombs carefully wrapped in recycled or biodegradable sheets. Moreover, you’ll find products boasting their naked form.

All in all, you’ll find shampoo bottles, soap bars, scrubs and other skincare products featuring sustainable packaging. In turn, brands will notice a higher revenue through eco-conscious consumers. Several brands have even started to produce refillable body washes, shampoo bottles, and perfumes! Increase in Hygiene

A no-brainer with the virus still tyrannizing the world, hand soaps and sanitizer will likely dominate the natural beauty world. Beauty brands all over the world have started fabricating stunning and luxe hand sanitizers.

Spike in ‘Clinical Skincare’ Routines

Not just your Gen Z audience, but Millennials as well gravitate to sustainable and natural beauty routines. Besides, a survey shows how more than 50% percent of buyers carry out extensive research on their products before purchasing them. It means your well-educated prospect is going to check whether your products are medical-grade, clinically approved and if the ingredients included are eco-friendly.

Overall, the ‘clinical movement’ requires the perfect blend of clean and sterilized environments with environmentally friendly products. Watch as top-notch brands curate the ideal skincare products without hurting mother nature or over-farming.

Waterless Foundations

Not only is the beauty industry eliminating plastic packaging, but they’re also eradicating water-based formulas from products. As brands limit water consumption in their skincare products, the world notices an increase in water conserved. Dry shampoo to powders to oil cleansers, the beauty industry offers a plethora of diligently crafted cosmetics that entirely eliminate water use.

At the same time, waterless skincare routines notice a spike in both productions, as well as consumption. Not to mention, organizing and streamlining your everyday skincare regimen helps reduce water waste. When limiting the number of rinses necessary means, you can expect this trend to enter the industry in 2022.

Antibacterial Hair Products

Your hair houses plenty of bacterias and viruses invisible to the naked eye. Thus, top brands like Safe Hair, BioSilk, and so on are manufacturing antibacterial shampoos, cleansing sprays, and antimicrobial disinfecting agents. These innovative products nourish your hair, as well as get rid of dirt, germs, and grime. Also, it is likely more brands will employ aromatherapy techniques via essential oils in their products.

Inclusive and Diverse Products

In-depth research shows that Gen-Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation. On the other hand, another survey shows that more than 60% of Gen-Z buy beauty and health products before reaching 14. It means that with the majority of your new audience being Generation-Z, you can expect a surge in demand for inclusive and diverse skincare products and beauty cosmetics.

Now top brands globally are utilizing state-of-the-art products to formulate cosmetics ideal for skin tones of all kinds. It allows beauty lovers worldwide to find a shade that meets their unique skin color perfectly.

The Bottom Line on Natural Skin Care

Trends in the beauty world are ever-changing. Natural skin care at home is always an option.