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Trigeminal autonomic cephalagias - Types of Headaches Australia

Jan 21

Trigeminal autonomic cephalagias - Types of Headaches Australia

Types of Headaches:

1. Migraine.
Migraines can come with or without aura.
Migraine without aura will last 4-72 hrs with moderate to intense pain. These headaches may
have be throbbing and cause nausea and/or photophobia or phonophobia.
Migraines with aura are characterised by the neurological symptoms that usually precede the
headaches, these can be visual, sensory, speech or motor control and are fully reversible once
the migraine episode has passed
2. Tension-type Headache (TTH)
Tension type headaches can be classified as infrequent episodic, frequent episodic, chronic, or
probable. TTHs can be a result of peripheral or central pain mechanisms. Sensitivity to
palpation in the muscles of the neck and shoulders is associated with TTHs.
3. Trigeminal autonomic cephalagias (TAC)
TAC's have five further subclassifications, each with specific symptoms. The most commonly
known TAC is the cluster headache.
What all these headaches have in common is severe unilateral pain presenting with an orbital,
supra orbital or temporal distribution. TAC's are episodic, lasting from seconds to hours,
depending on the headache type and can occur anywhere from every second day to eight
times a day. TAC's pain is associated with cranial autonomic signs and symptoms, including
eyelid oedema, nasal congestion or a sense of fullness in the ear.

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