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How Do You Allow Love to Enter Your Mind?

Dec 15

By DatingSiteNews

So, how can you alter the fundamental ideas that exist in your subconscious mind? There are a variety of approaches that you may use to simply alter your belief system. It is simple to discover a way of calming your mind so that it can be open to receiving new and valuable knowledge. If you've ever looked in the mirror and said, "I adore you," and then heard a voice in your brain say, "Who are you kidding?" then you've had a taste of the tremendous power of your subconscious mind in action. Generally speaking, new concepts that do not correspond to previously stored information will be rejected by the deep regions of your mind. It's exactly the same as putting water on hard, dry soil; the water just flows off the surface of the soil. Because the soil has grown inhospitable to water, the earth first rejects the water that has been introduced. It takes time and work for the water to be absorbed into the soil before it begins to nourish it.

Change is something that the subconscious does not enjoy. Because your mind does not enjoy unexpected events or situations, it works hard to keep you in your "comfort zone." You may, however, evolve over time as new concepts get more entrenched in your thinking. Following the formation of your adult filter, there are several ways in which you might influence your subconscious to accept new ideas:


If you hear or read anything over and over again, you will gradually come to believe the information you are hearing or reading. "I'm going to pound this notion into my skull," you've probably heard someone say. A concept that is repeated over and over again undermines the subconscious mind's defenses against it, and eventually the subconscious mind just accepts the concept in question. Is it possible that you've listened to an unpleasant pop music on the radio and then found yourself singing the melody in your head afterwards since you've heard it so many times? Advertising that is repeated over and again, political messaging, and the opinions of peers, whether positive or negative, may all infiltrate your subconscious. Consider the experience of a teenager who is regularly taunted about her appearance. After she has outgrown her baby fat, it is possible that she will continue to believe that she is overweight as an adult. Her body image may suffer as a result, and she may acquire an obsession with working out, develop an eating problem, or avoid personal contact with males.


You have a strong possibility of receiving information from someone you respect and respect you. This includes information you obtain from a doctor, lawyer, politician, boss, parent, or someone else you respect and respect you. In the case of a doctor telling a patient that he would recover rapidly, the patient is more likely to heal at a breakneck rate. It is possible that the patient will die in precisely six months if the doctor informs him he has six months to live and that there is no chance for him to live longer. When a politician claims that terrorists are everywhere, plotting our doom, the general population is likely to be alarmed and fearful. This behavior may be observed in cults, when the leader "hypnotizes" his followers into believing that his method is the greatest way to live. Male power has been established in the globe and within marriages for hundreds of years. Generally speaking, women regard the males in their life as authority figures and as being bigger than themselves, which means they see them as someone they must win over. In this case, any significant rejection from a guy, such as divorce or adultery, may be devastating, and her inner psyche may come to feel that she is not worthy or deserving of a meaningful relationship.


An intensely emotional occurrence

Many people discover that their basic incorrect ideas were formed as a result of traumatic occurrences in their life, such as a funeral, an accident, or a traumatic encounter with abuse. A person who has experienced a traumatic event may have a significant shift in the ideas held by the deep mind at any age. When someone is in a state of shock, their subconscious mind is unable to rationalize what is happening and must rely on emotional responses instead. A traumatic incident leaves a lasting effect on the subconscious, as well as causing a hardwired memory of the event to be formed. When this old memory is triggered by a comparable encounter, the same sentiments that were triggered by it are triggered again. If the new situation is only somewhat similar to the traumatic conditions, the deep mind instantly recalls the previous memory and automatically replicates the emotional response it had experienced. In the case of a woman who has been abused by a male, whether as a kid or as an adult, she may come to believe that "guys are not safe," for example. Women who hold this basic idea are more likely to turn away from wonderful males and settle for violent partners because their inner brains do not feel it is possible for them to get love and affection from a male partner.


What you think is taught to you by the individuals in your immediate environment. As you grew older, your connections had a significant impact on your religious beliefs. Some of the ladies had acquaintances who put a great priority on appearances, while others placed a high value on academic achievement. The majority of my childhood acquaintances had little interest in pursuing a professional job and instead chose to stay at home and raise their children. Whenever I looked at them, I felt like a failure since I was not married by the time I was twenty-three. Did you spend too much time with the wrong people? What do you think of the folks you're now surrounded by? Consider your girlfriends, coworkers, and members of your family. Do your friends and family members often tell you that guys are jerks, that there are no nice men anymore, or that you will be single for the rest of your life? Alternatively, are you surrounded by happily married couples who encourage you and tell you that you are amazing?

People in your immediate environment have an impact on your views on a subconscious level as well. Even if you disagree with their opinions, spending time with these individuals causes your inner thought to gradually lose its ability to defend yourself against their beliefs. It's possible that you'll instinctively begin to emulate their actions and adopt their viewpoints. You could feel bad about yourself if you don't have a boyfriend if, for example, you have pals who are really obsessed with finding love. In the case when your buddies are all freewheeling singles, you may choose to disregard your desire to find a partner and instead participate in wild sexual activities with random males, all the while convincing yourself that you are simply having a good time.


The calm mental state of trance or meditation permits the subconscious to be more open to new ideas since it is in a more peaceful frame of mind. Every day, you find yourself in a trancelike state. The alpha state is the lightest of the stages. When you are driving a car or performing a repetitious work, you are in this frame of mind. You are in the alpha (trance) state when you are entirely immersed and concentrated on anything, such as reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to an engaging speaker.

Consider all of the romantic comedies you've seen throughout the years. The thought process may lead you to feel that if your personal relationship isn't like the ones depicted in movies, you must not be in love. It is possible to use easy relaxation and visualization techniques to infuse the deeper mind with fresh, updated thoughts of being loving and deserving, which will allow you to notice instant changes in your dating life.