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Nov 18

Hand vs. machine massage

Massage by hand is an excellent therapy that has been used for thousands of years. Now, we can perform Massage in Mesa with machines. There are two types.


"Kneading" massager

Massage chairs and cushions perform the same "kneading” action as professional massage therapists. They allow unlimited self-massage but are not as effective as professional massage.


Vibration massage machine

These machines can be massaged with vibration waves, which penetrate the skin like ultrasound or laser. These machines allow for unlimited self-massage. But vibration massage isn't as effective as hand massage. Let's look at the facts.


  • Keep going without letting go.

  • Amazing scientifically supported effects

  • To use quality therapy, you don't require any special skills or knowledge

  • It offers high-quality therapy without the need to have any special skills or knowledge.

  • Capacity to penetrate

Massage needs to penetrate deeply to reach the desired areas. Hand massage uses pressure, but vibration massage uses mechanical vibrations to reach the same areas as ultrasound. One advantage of vibration massage is that they penetrate deeper than sound waves. You don't need to apply pressure so you are less likely to sustain an injury or cause damage. Check out the below machines to see how vibrations penetrate and what damage can be done.


How do vibrations penetrate?

The vibrations from the truck reach deep beneath the crust of the earth, where they bounce off layers of rock. The vibrations can then be picked up by sensors located several kilometers away. Vibration massagers use this principle to penetrate deep into your muscles.


This machine is known as a sheep's feet roller. It compresses the ground beneath by using crushing pressure. The effect is likely to extend to approximately a meter deep.


To get in, use pressure

Manual massage or pressure can be used to penetrate the skin. The vibration machine can penetrate only a small fraction of what the machine can. This machine requires more effort and can cause greater damage.


Scientifically supported effects have been shown by research

These vibrations penetrate deeply and have been scientifically proven to be very effective. These are the effects. More information can be found in the summary video or our article Vibration massage.

Massage Mesa

No special skills are required

Vibration massage is as easy as placing the vibrating pads on the desired area and allowing the vibrations to penetrate the skin. For advice about the best time, place, and frequency for massage, it is a good idea to consult a professional. Anyone can learn the basic steps to provide effective therapy. This video shows how easy it is to use vibration therapy.


The possibilities for therapy are virtually limitless

Both vibration massage and hand massage are excellent treatments. However, massage can often be multi-therapeutic. While a skilled therapist may only be able to offer hand massages, vibration massage can be offered in a variety of ways. Use lotion or olive oil to prevent friction and make your hands glide more easily. Do not just put it on her back. Treat her like a salad. Warm oils can be used to coat both hands, then rub the oil together until it becomes very slippery. Then go into work with the fingers to give her an intense touch. She will feel relaxed and not sore from all the knots that were worked out between sessions.


When giving someone else a much-needed relaxation session, the key is to not grab onto tight muscles. Instead, let soft strokes do most of the work if you're talking about purring.


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